What are the benefits of joining the English Setter Club, one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs of its kind in the United States?


The English Setter Club is a private club with a limited amount of members. The gated property where you exercise and train your field dog is situated far enough back and much of it is fenced in to be considered reasonably safe for pets off the lead. The club has pigeon, quail, chuckar, and other species of game birds for training. Quail are never allowed to be shot on club grounds, as a result the grounds are usually well stocked. The club conducts trap shooting and many other activities including an annual picnic and special dual sanctioned Lee Bird field trial. Although hunting is permitted, this is not a hunting club. The farm and grounds have a manager residing on the premises. Facilities include a heated Club House with full kitchen, restrooms, members only pet cemetery, horse stable, abundance of parking, water and electric available for living quarter trailers.


Available only to current club members in good standing with access to our websites Members Only section:


  • Detailed history of our club written by our founding members

  • Review past board members and the positions that they held

  • Read member accomplishments throughout the years

  • Access to active membership list

  • Member discussion forum

  • Club bylaws


  • Fill out all required fields on the online membership application form below.

  • Submit a check for $600.00 (includes a one time $200.00 initiation fee).

  • If the application is submitted after June 30th, the amount of the check should be $400.00 (includes a one time $200.00 initiation fee).

  • After we have received your membership dues, your application will be presented for approval at our next board of directors monthly meeting.

  • Please read our Membership Guidelines Booklet.

  • Annual Membership dues ($400.00) will be due November 1st of each year.

  • Late Fee Apply After: December 31st

  • Last Day Payment Accepted: January 31st (after this date you will need to rejoin as a new member)


* After your application is presented to the board, you will be notify you if approved or not. Your check for membership dues may be cashed before your application is presented to the board and should not be taken as an indication that you have been approved. Do not assume you are a member until you have been contacted by a member of the board.



Members renew your Annual Membership dues ($400.00) and/or ATV annual storage ($100.00) due before

January 1st of each year. A small PayPal convenience fee applies.


Checks made payable to: English Setter Club of America.

Mail payment to:

Joseph Lordi Jr.

915 Pinewood Lane

Atco, NJ 08004


Contact us with any membership questions.




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