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Grounds will be CLOSED for training and exercising of dogs during the following events.

Scroll through the calendar months to view any upcoming events.

All events are tentative. Click on a day/event for additional information.


Clubs requesting the use of the club grounds to hold an event, must submit this online form.



  • Fall field trials submit the form no later than March 1st.

  • Spring field trials submit form no later than October 1st of the previous year.

  • Cancellation of a trial date must be submitted before the trial closing or ground fees will be forfeited.

  • Cancellation also means that the club will lose priority for that date in the future if another club requests the date.

  • *NEW GROUNDS FEES: Grounds fees are $125.00 per day plus $1.00 per dog per stake entered. Example: If a dog is entered 3 times in an event that dog is $3.00.

  • All clubs MUST remove all deceased birds. DO NOT THROW THEM IN THE TRASH OR DUMPSTER.

  • There will be a fee charged if the grounds, clubhouse, or stable are not cleaned by the club before leaving.

  • Insurance forms must be submitted to the Corresponding Secretary one (1) month before the trial date. If the insurance form is not submitted your club will not be allowed to run and the club will forfeit the grounds fees.

  • Field Trial Clubs must know English Setter Club rules: click here for a list of rules.



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