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Members we need your help at our club work days. This is your club and we need you to come and help make it a better place to train your dogs. So get on your work clothes and head on over!


Next upcoming work day: TBA


Grounds will be CLOSED for training and exercising of dogs during the following 2019 Events:


Aug. 30 - Sept. 2: English Setter Club Labor Day Field Trial

Sept. 14-15: Eastern GSP (Walking Field Trial)

Oct. 4-6: Eastern GSP (Horseback Field Trial)

Oct. 12-13: North Jersey Brittany (Field Trial)

Oct. 18-20: Del-Val Brittany (Field Trial)

Nov. 2: Wounded Warrior Hunt

Nov. 9-10: Hudson English Setter Club (Field Trial)


Nov. 16-17: Vizsla Club of GNY (Field Trial)

Request for Clubs Ground Use:


All clubs requesting the use of the club grounds to hold an event, must submit this form in writing to the club Corresponding Secretary.

For field trials, no later than March 1st for fall trials and no later than October 1st for spring trials. Cancellation of a trial date must be submitted at least two (2) months prior to the trial or ground fees will be forfeited (this also applies to any paid event). Cancellation also means that the club will lose priority for that date in the future if another club requests the date. Scheduling a trial and then canceling it deprives another club the use of the grounds and the setter club of revenue.

*NEW GROUNDS FEES: Grounds fees are $125.00 per day plus $1.00 per dog per stake entered. Example: If a dog is entered 3 times in an event that dog is $3.00. This fee is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


All clubs MUST remove all deceased birds. DO NOT THROW IN TRASH OR DUMPSTER.

There will be a fee charged if the grounds and cafeteria are not cleaned by the using club before leaving.

Insurance forms must be submitted to the Corresponding Secretary one (1) month before the trial date. If the insurance form is not submitted your club will not be allowed to run and the club will forfeit the grounds fees.

These regulations are needed to protect both the Setter Club and your club.


Request for Clubs Ground Use Form: Download Request Form (pdf)


Contact ESCA with any questions.


Please remember the English Setter Club of America Rules during events:


  • Members may train their dogs on the ESCA grounds at all times except when a field trial is in progress.

  • Campers and recreational vehicles connected to the clubs electric must pay $5.00 per day (to be paid on departure to the club caretaker). Please obtain a form from caretaker or next to clubhouse front door, outside in glass case.

  • No dumping of any camper or RV fluids on grounds property, this includes black and grey tanks.

  • No hunting or training during field trials.

  • All clubs MUST remove all deceased birds. DO NOT THROW IN TRASH OR DUMPSTER.

  • For a complete list of ESCA rules click here.


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