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If unsure about any club rule please ask contact us.




  • Members MAY NOT train or exercise their dogs:

    • When a Field Trial is in progress.

    • During the New Jersey six (6) day December firearm season (Monday-Saturday).

    • When the grounds are closed by the order of the board of directors.




  • Members are limited to bringing only One (1) Guest daily to the club for training.

  • An Individual Guest may make a maximum of three (3) visits to the club in any calendar year, whether accompanied by the same member or by several different members over the course of the calendar year.


    • Individual GUESTS may NOT possess or carry a firearm, may not hunt with a firearm, and cannot shoot over a dog with a firearm.

  • Guests are not permitted during deer season.




  • Handlers should maintain control of puppies and un-broke dogs at all times, not allowing them to catch or kill pigeons and quail while training. 

  • Dogs are NOT permitted to run free without a handler in attendance at all times

  • Dogs are NOT allowed to be loose in the parking lot. This includes while getting ready to work the dog or when camping on the grounds.




  • Small game, EXCEPT QUAIL, may be hunted by members on the grounds during the regular hunting season and during the regular hunting hours

  • Members wishing to kill birds over their dog are limited to the breakaway field and must have orange.

    • The breakaway field is the first field at the bottom of hill past the big tree. If unsure please ask someone.

    • Any person or group using the BREAKAWAY FIELD must allow others club members the use of the field within a reasonable amount of time. A handler working multiple dogs should not run a second dog while other members are waiting for the field

  • No game birds can be killed outside the commercial preserve license season which starts on September 1st and ends on May1st.

  • Hunting game birds on Sunday's is limited from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M only. Hunting on Sunday must be done with English Setter Club hunting group and only in designed fields. (Contact board member Paul Pollock for details)

  • A valid NJ state hunting license is required.

  • Rifle slugs (shotgun) are allowed during the New Jersey shotgun season only, the club will be closed to all dog training during NJ deer season hunting week. No rifles!

  • No shooting Quail or Pigeons at any time.

  • No pulling the feathers from pigeons.

  • All pigeons must be in full flight condition after use (try not to let puppies maul the pigeons).

  • Pigeons should be used only in fields closer to recall pens and not in back fields.

  • No hunting or training during field trials.

  • Purchased birds are NOT to be removed from the club grounds.

  • Members wishing to purchase quail or chucker can do so by placing cash in the box next to the quail pen gate. The cost will be posted on the box. Once purchased, birds are not to be returned to the pens (you remove them from the pens, you are responsible for the cost). Purchased birds are to be use on club grounds ONLY and ARE NOT permitted to be removed from E.S.C. grounds.    




  • NEW - Campers and recreational vehicles connected to the clubs electric must pay $10.00 per day (to be paid on departure to the club caretaker). Please obtain form from caretaker or next to clubhouse front door, outside in glass case.

  • No dumping of any camper or RV fluids on grounds property, this includes black and grey tanks.

  • No parking on the front lawn.

  • Please observe the 10 MPH speed limit while on club grounds and for the access road from Rt 541 to the club gate.

  • The use of ATV's are limited to dog training and hunting activities, recreational ATV use is strictly forbidden.

    • Children are only allowed to ride ATV’s to work dogs and during picnic (must wear helmet) and must be accompanied by a club member. No children riding double (age 16 and under).

  • Trailers and vehicles cannot be parked or stored on grounds for extended lengths without Board approval.

  • Make sure the gate closes behind you.

  • Parking of all vehicles is limited to the club house and barn areas of the complex and first half of the Trap House Field (closest to the club house). Do not park on the road or along side the road from the entrance to the club house.

  • Drivers must yield to running dogs and handlers on foot, ATV or horseback at all times.

  • Keep a safe distance from horses when operating autos, ATV’s or discharging guns.




  • Under no circumstances are rifles allowed to be discharged on the ESCA grounds.

  • No target shooting or sighting of weapons on the ESCA grounds.

  • Caretaker must be advised of Pet Cemetery use, only flat burial markers are permitted, burial must be minimum 24 inches deep.

  • To utilize the grounds for a Field trial, Charity Event, etc. you must submit a Request for Use of Grounds Form.

  • Everyone is excited to work your dog during the spring/summer at the club but we need members to pay attention to freshly planted fields and designated fields that are planted. Everyone should make a 100% effort to not be in these areas. 





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