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George M. Rogers
1905 - 1988

For more than 40 years, George Rogers served the English Setter Club of America as Board Secretary/Treasurer. And in this time, he also gave of himself to the sport on the national stage, assisting in several important projects that helped bring field trialing to where it is today.


George was a prolific and talented reporter of trials. Known as a very straight shooter, he distinguished himself as on the finest scribes the American Field has ever had. His hallmark was a uniquely balanced reporting style that was hard hitting and honest when needed; yet at other times, filled with deserved praise. His writing was always colorful and rather poetic.


A self proclaimed student of the sport, George was seen by others as a master of it. In this he was regularly called upon to judge some of the most prestigious trials of the day. He traveled across the nation to do this, often having to report the event as well.


George bred, trained, and ran some of the very finest bird dog athletes during the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.


But there was another side to George, one that showed him to possess a well-considered long range vision of what field trailing could become. He was instrumental in creating the "Purina Points" program and one of the first to sit on this committee. George was a founding member of the AFTCA and served this organization with distinction for many years.


There became a need in 1953 for the establishment of the Field Trial Hall of Fame rules and regulations. Again it was George Rogers who was asked to contribute.


All of this can best be summarized by saying George Rogers was a true ambassador for field trialing in America. When George spoke about bird dogs and trials, everyone took notice and listened. They didn't always hear what they wanted, but they always heard the truth.


In his distinguished lifetime, George certainly gave far more tot he sport than he ever received. He was a tireless promoter of field trialing. All of who are a part of this wonderful sport owe a great debt to George M. Rogers.


Specific to the English Setter Club of America, it was George's stewardship that kept operations going in both high times and in troubled ones. It is no exaggeration to say that reaching the centennial milestone would not have been achieved had it not been for the love, the nurturing, and the care given to this venerable Club by George Rogers.


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