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Frank Reily 1859 - 1926
Hall of Fame Member and Owner of National Champion Eugene M

While taking no deserved glory or credit from any person of the past or present there is one outstanding Bright Star in the firmament of The English Setter Club of America that never to this day has lost its luster. This star is the late Frank Reily of Medford, NJ. While Frank, a prominent field trial personality, was a member of a number od field trial clubs, his one love was The English Setter Club. He was active in its affairs from almost the day of its founding. It was he who obtained in his own name the option on the farm at Medford and it was he who was the guiding spirit that carried the club successfully through its early days of growing pains and development. It is doubtful that The English Setter Club of America would ever have gained the eminent position it occupies without the benign influence of Frank Reily.


Elmer Simkins
Secretary - Treasurer ESCA 1916 - 1922


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