English Setter Club

of America

SINCE 1906

Welcome to The English Setter Club of America

The English Setter Club of America is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs of its kind in the United States. Founded in 1905, it is rich in tradition and bird dog lore. Since its inception, it has conducted field trials that are open to all pointing breeds, professional trainers, and amateurs alike.




Annual dues for the 2022 calendar year are due 11/1/2020. Dues are $400.00 and may be paid online via PayPal from the Membership page.


Payment by check made payable to the: English Setter Club of America.

Mailed to: Joe Lordi at 915 Pinewood Drive, Atco, NJ 08004. 

ATV annual storage fees, if applicable, are also due November 1st, in the amount of $100.00.  

If payment is not received by January 1st, your membership is subject to termination.  Any cancelled memberships will be subject to a new application, with the required fee, and is subject to an existing wait list.  

Any questions please contact us.

Attention Members

We value you as a member and like to keep you in the loop of recent club news and announcements. Occasionally we will reach out via email or snail mailing. As a member it is important to advised us of any updated membership information. Simply contact us with your new email address, phone number or mailing address. 

Do you know all of our English Setter Clubs current rules and guidelines? The Board of Directors has put together a membership booklet detailing important club  information. Please download this Membership Booklet and follow all club guidelines.


Lee Bird Classic

Hosted by the English Setter Club of America

Summer 2022

We welcome you to join us! American Field and AKC sanctioned stakes, a walking hunting dog stake for the gun dog enthusiasts, and a puppy stake for the young pointing dogs. Southern Style Smoked BBQ, raffles, and great people.

Event Details Coming Soon